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Apples in Order of  Ripening

Zester- is an early season apple with good size and above average sweet tart flavor.  Zester has an above average life for its season.

 Gala Buckeye-is a high color sport with a deep red color with a stripe.  Storage is as good as any other Gala strain

Hilltop Gala-Excellent for fresh eating. A very pretty, medium size, conical to round fruit with yellow skin patterned with bright orange-red. Firm, juicy, fine textured, yellow white flesh. Sweet slightly tart flavor

 Honey Crisp- The well balanced, sub acid flavor combine with a crisp, juice texture to make a very enjoyable eating experience.

 McIntosh-Are premium for applesauce.  The skin is thin yet peels easily. McIntosh should hold well into January in chilled storage.

 Empire-Dark red with heavy, waxy bloom. Creamy white juicy, moderately sub acid flesh. High dessert quality also good for cider

 Golden Delicious-Large conic golden yellow fruit. Firm, crisp, juicy, flavorful flesh. Mild sweet distinctive flavor. High quality all purpose. Shrivels in storage. Requires gentle picking, bruises easily.

Ambrosia- flavor is sweet, sub-acid, and very juicy, with a pleasant aroma.

Red Delicious-Deep red skin covers a sweeter flavored apple.

Fuji- This apple has a sweet and Juicy flavor, a crisp texture and matures in October.  Used mostly for eating.

 Snow Sweet-Small to medium sized fruit with beautiful red over cream skin. Name comes from it's pure white flesh occasionally stained crimson near the skin. Soft flesh with an aromatic, distinctive flavor. Used for eating and is excellent for cider.

 Jonathan-Good eating and keeping apple. Medium-sized attractive fruit, striped red with high color in spots. Flesh juicy and crisp. flavor refreshing and sub acid

Jonagored- One of the best for cooking, eating and keeping. Medium, thin skinned, tart, bright red round fruit.

 Cameo- has a pleasing, bright red stripe over a golden blend, a sweet-tart flavor and a crunch that doesn’t quit.
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